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Keyword Research: The most important part of this whole process is keyword research. It’s also the most boring part. Watch these five videos in order, then do your research for your client and structure your keywords the right way. Your keyword structure determines how you set up your channel and even the structure of the videos on the channel!


Video 1:



Video 2:



Video 3:


Video 4:


Video 5:



Channel Set Up: After you do your keyword research, you’re going to set up your channel. Watch these videos in order to learn how to do that!


Video 6:



Video 7:



Video 8:



Video 9:



Creating Your Client’s Videos: Watch these in order to learn all about what to make and how to make it (or get it made)!

Video 10:



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Video 11:


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Video 12:



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On Page Optimization: In this next section, you’re going to learn exactly what you need to do “on page” to optimize your videos. (A lot of times, if you do the rest of the stuff I teach you in this course, this is all you need. No off page optimization required!)


Video 13:



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Video 14:




Annotations: Annotations are really important! Watch this next video to learn how I use annotations for my clients and my own marketing videos.


Video 15:



Cards: Cards are another way of annotating videos. When cards came out, everyone said YouTube would replace annotations with them. Hasn’t happened yet. In the following video, I’ll walk you through how to use cards. They’re different from annotations. I personally use both in many videos. The second video below is by YouTube themselves. Watch both to get a good idea of how to use cards!


Video 16:



Video 17:




Let’s talk more about how to structure your video uploads. I’m talking about silos. Having your videos linked to each other in a circular pattern helps with ranking and traffic. After that, we’ll talk about how I do off page SEO, and why I don’t have to do much of that to get traffic from my videos. And, finally, we’ll discuss the all important art of click tracking and how to use playlists to maximize your ranking and traffic results.


Video 18:



Video 19:



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Video 20:


Video 21:



Here’s a bonus lesson I created. Watch this very carefully, because you’re going to learn how to use live streaming to figure out what keywords to rank for. This is pretty slick, if I do say so myself! 😉

Video 22:


In this next section, we’re going to talk about how I prefer to sell my services and products to local businesses. I’ve been doing this stuff since 2010. I’ve tried a lot of things. Some worked. Most didn’t. I’ve also focused on different basic business models for my offline business. One I call the “product-centric” model. So, let’s say you have a mobile website builder. So, you go out and find customers who want to buy mobile sites from you. You’re focus is on selling a product. I used to do that, and there’s nothing wrong with it. I did find, however, that I got much more high quality clients when I switched from the product-centric model to a consultative model.

In the consultative model, you’re initial prospecting is geared towards getting you on the phone or in a sit down meeting with a prospective client where you then learn about their business and design a more complex solution to fit their particular needs. So, for a given client, I might come up with a video marketing plan along with work on their Google My Business listing all supported by press releases. Something like that. Your focus is on finding the client’s problem and offering a tailor made solution for that problem. The difference between the two is much like new housing subdivisions where you can either buy one of three houses, all basically the same, or you can buy a fully custom house. I prefer the fully custom solution! For me it means more money per clients and a longer term relationship!

In the next few videos, I’m going to talk all about this. Video 23 introduces the topic. In Video 24 I talk about how to find clients with direct mail.



Video 23: Introduction To How To Sell


Video 24: Direct Mail Approach